AVP for Social Emotional Learning and Community Building in Schools – Reducing fighting, violence and bullying.

AVP has 47 years of experience working in over 60 countries. In many schools AVP has brought quick substantial change in the school culture. Working in schools and prisons, we are dismantling the school to prison pipeline from both ends!

If this interests you about the potential for schools you are involved with, reach out to us at schools@projectsforacivilsociety.org

In this troubled Philadelphia middle school AVP reduced police calls from 138/year to 15:


In another middle school a principal says AVP and Conflict Resolution took fights from over 100 a year to one! (At 2:48 of video)

The Santa Barbara School District sent students with facing suspension and expulsion to AVP. Here is what they say about the results:

While administrators sometimes see these sorts of social emotional skills as ancillary to academics, educators realize that soft skills make hard skills available and the reduction in class disruptions leads to more productive instructional time.

CEO of Paradigm Charter Schools.

On the research side, AVP has been shown to sharply reduce Trait Anger (one’s general anger level). In a study with jailed veterans AVP reduced trait anger from 22% above normal to 15% below normal. And follow on research shows these drops are sustained two years out!

Aside from reductions in violence and bullying, AVP is especially powerful at building connection, inclusivity, and community. These reductions in fighting and bullying come about because AVP works to establish a strong sense of community that includes everyone.

As we come back together after covid lockdowns and remote learning, students have lost much of their social skills and sense of connection and community. AVP can reestablish this quickly.

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