Our Trauma Recovery and Trauma Informed Care Work

An Emerging Focus:  Trauma Resiliency

AVP’s Trauma workshops grew up in regions which had experienced terrible violence.  First,  in the mid 90’s Alternative to Violence Project (“AVP”) facilitators in Rwanda  realized that healing needed to happen not only for individuals but between communities, and they devised a new set of workshops, Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC), to fill this gap.

Later facilitators in Colombia, hearing of the Rwandan work, brought HROC facilitators to Colombia for their own training.  Shortly thereafter, Guatemalans brought the Colombian instructors up to learn their methods. The Guatemalans have since gone into El Salvador and Honduras.

Independent of this a second AVP trauma recovery methodology was being developed in Aceh and Java  Indonesia working with the trauma of the Indonesian civil war and its aftermath.

In 2010 PCS facilitators attended trauma recovery workshop training in Guatemala. This was hosted by trainers from Rwanda, Colombia, Guatemala, and Indonesia. Since then PCS has offered trauma workshops in Seattle and Victoria, British Colombia.

We are bringing this trauma recovery work into our work with veterans, schools and prisons and are happy to sahre it with other organizations or institutions.

Presentations on Trauma and the Brain

PCS offers 1 to 2 hour presentations  on Trauma, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Trauma Informed Care, and neuroendocrinology and brain plasticity. If you would like a presentation for where you work please see our contact page.