In 2016 Projects for a Civil Society assumed the AVP prison work of the nonprofit, Peace Between People (“PBP”) to continue the thirty plus years AVP has been offered in Monroe.

Peace Between People has been running AVP workshops in Monroe prisons in Washington since 1987.



PCS  is continuing monthly workshops at the Washington State Reformatory and the Twin Rivers Unit in Monroe.

We are encouraged by the recent public focus on mass incarceration and criminal justice reform. This new awareness is leading to many more inquiries from people looking for ways to volunteer in prison and do criminal justice related work. We are confident this energy will help us grow back to previous levels and beyond.

PCS has also been fielding inquiries from other Washington prisons that want AVP in their facilities. We will need to focus first on rebuilding our Monroe program. As we get that program well-grounded we will begin talks with these other prisons on how to meet their needs.


Recently we were doing a workshop at the Tacoma Recovery Cafe, and Jimmy heard there was AVP going on in the building – he had to come share his testimonial.  Here’s how AVP affects lives!