Restorative Reentry

Communities of Belonging is a partner organization that empowers formerly homeless and incarcerated individuals to dream, connect and thrive.

Communities of Belonging’s Restorative Home provides safe, stable housing in King County for formerly incarcerated and homeless individuals. We gather weekly for community circles with allies of all backgrounds for a potluck dinner and circle. We also host Community Circles and other events to increase empathy and understanding and decrease fear and stigma around the complex issues of incarceration and homelessness through storytelling and personal sharing.

Located in Seattle, Washington Communities of Belonging supports formerly homeless and incarcerated individuals with peaceful, holistic reintegration back into society. We build safe, trusting and caring connections along with access to practical, tangible resources so that marginalized individuals feel a sense of belonging, purpose and contribution.

Communities of Belonging successes to date!

Becoming a Washington State non-profit

Providing safe, supportive housing for 14 individuals in our Restorative Home

Gathering with allies of all backgrounds for more than 80 weekly community potlucks and circles!

Recognizing and valuing a broad community of diverse faiths, races, ages and sexual orientations

Helping individuals network, find and keep full-time work

Celebrating birthdays, holidays and special events such as hearing Father Greg Boyle from Homeboy Industries speak at Seattle University

Enjoying time outdoors at Kubota Gardens, Seward Park, Alki Beach and elsewhere in nature

Supporting individuals to secure driver’s licenses, birth certificates and photo ID

Creating vital community partnerships with other organizations

Speaking at 3 Community Conversations and other forums to build awareness and humanity around incarceration and reentry

Learning how to share feelings and needs and staying in the conversation, even the tough ones

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